Selling A Business

Selling a business, it not something individuals or management teams do every day. In many cases it may be the first time. The process is complex, stressful and requires expertise to guide you through the process to help you maximize the value you have created. The process is also time-consuming and during the sales process it is critical that the owner and management stay focused on operating the business in order to maintain revenue and profit performance to achieve their desired sale price. Reports have suggested that only 25-30% of businesses that go on the market sell. The failure of businesses to sell falls in to three major categories: seller’s expectation of a price that is not realistic, business sell ability due to show-stoppers and lack of buyer financing. We take a buyer’s perspective when we meet with you during our free consultation to let you know how buyer prospects will view your business and your prospect of selling your business in the desired timeframe. We are experts in packaging and selling businesses while maintaining confidentiality. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation.