Experts will say that value is ultimately determined by a free market transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller. As a seller, anticipating a sale transaction soon or in the future, you should be concerned with how your business will be viewed in the minds of the potential buyers and how you can affect that. You have a price in your own mind. The question is, “What can you do to cause buyers to be willing to pay you that price or, better yet, even more.”

Can a business be designed and crafted to justify a premium price? Of course, it can! Having bought and sold numerous businesses both as principals and advisors, we at Vendere Advisors understand what adds to value, detracts from value and what the showstoppers are and how things can change over time. If you are thinking of selling your business three months from now or five years from now. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you maximize your return when the time is right for you.